Manufactured by KURAMO, we are introducing engineered timber as a construction material. We have already built prototypes using glulam and engineered timber and invited our known customers for a sneak preview. We are currently building Nigeria’s first timber frame structure using this environmentally sound, flexible and beautiful material. Pictures soon!
Our 9 acre demo estate, just for viewing. A major investment highlighting our commitment, this stunning estate will comprise about 25 buildings showcasing fully KURAMO’s build capabilities, build teams and build processes.
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We chronicle here important events and activities about KHP. Over the next few weeks, the
KHP build program will be moving into top gear. Keep in touch with the KHP Project News and
the KHP Build Blog to find out about the following and more:

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  A three unit development located in Sangotedo along the Lekki-Epe expressway. It comprises the following: IKAL 303, IKAL 305 and a custom designed home (X6). Marketing release scheduled for Jan 2013.
While everyone in the Nigerian real estate and construction industry focus on estates, houses for sale, building materials etc, the usual stuff, we focus on skills. Our take on the industry challenges is that skills is the starting point, and no amount of techniques, technologies or strategies can circumvent this limitation. We have gone ahead and built an advanced facility for training our staff to a very high technical standard, focused on but not necessarily limited to building and development projects. Called the KTC - KURAMO Technology Centre, it is housed in the previous KURAMO manufacturing facility located in Isolo. A 5000 sq Ft facility, we train staff in precision manufacturing techniques, mathematics and physics, basic chemistry, high quality plumbing techniques using copper, building electrics, basic electronics, air-conditioning technology, surveying and survey instrumentation, computing, CAD, drafting and project design. The results have been stunning, with ‘ordinary staff’ transformed within weeks to a contributing high quality project person. More on the KTC program to come and perhaps a dedicated website.
A 5 bedroom luxury home (AVERO 515 CB) located in the Northern Foreshores estate. Set on a 800 sqM plot with a ‘KURAMO landscape’ featuring solid timber deck walkways, patio in iroko, solid timber planters and garden furnishings. For the inside, just wait, we promise simply the best built home you ever saw!