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Ranging from a compact 117 sqM to a luxurious 550 sqM of living space, the IKAL Series sets a new standard for premium and luxury homes. Its distinctive design is a study in proportion, minimalism and simplicity featuring clean lines and elegant rectilinear forms.

Destined to become a classic the IKAL introduces KURAMO's innovation in design, engineering and delivery packaging to homes. A traditional block and mortar construction with pre-manufactured elements such as lintels, window surrounds and hoods, columns, doors, windows, staircases and joisted floors, the IKAL is designed to be efficiently and precision built on customer sites to a consistently exacting standard.

The IKAL design introduces for the first time to the Nigeria market, thermally designed homes designed to keep cool and save considerably on air-conditioning and energy consumption. Thermal features include a concrete thermal roof (see Highlights for details), skylights, cavity walls and double glazing (special ‘E’ versions), deep window shrouding and sunbreak designs. We are also able to offer LEED appliances, Low energy lighting and High Efficiency air-conditioning.

Rounding off this technical tour-de-force, is the IKAL's services design. System Bus Electrics (SBE) with dedicated Systems Rooms, bring a sophisticated approach to home electrics. SBE is an industrial grade structured wiring system, enabling homes to have sophisticated, flexible and upgradable electrics. Home comfort and automation, Solar Panels, UPSes, Inverters, Surge suppression etc, and micro-grid energy management client systems are all provided for in the master design. Together, our energy reduction and management systems are designed to reduce energy consumption by 25 - 60 percent in comparison with the traditional designs in Nigeria.