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1. Where can I see it?
6. What are the payment terms?

Yes, you can view prototypes by appointment at BERYL Place, our demo estate at Amuwo, Lagos starting in October 2012. This beautifully laid out 9 acre development currently under construction, will comprise about 25 different types of homes and buildings, from Single Family, Attached Family and Townhouses, and Multi-Family / Apartment Blocks when fully built out.

You will be able to see the products, the entire delivery and build process at one location, and our impressive facilities. These include off-site manufacturing, our gorgeous AEIVA estate layout, on-going advanced construction processes, samples and materials, finished buildings and various types of stunning KURAMO Interiors. You will also be able to meet the build teams, designers, engineers, manufacturing, logistics etc. In short you will be able to meet KURAMO.

Our payment terms depend on the product or project. For the smaller products such as the IKAL 302, 303 we have a one, two or three stage payment structure. For the bigger projects, the payment terms would be agreed between the parties and according to the build contract.
7. Can I bring my designs for KURAMO to build?
8. Can KURAMO design and build for me?
Yes. We can do either a design or a design and build. We offer a Custom Build (CB) service where we adapt our designs to suit or can do a Bespoke Commission (BC) starting from a clean sheet and working to your requirements.
2. Can I buy one now?
9. Does KURAMO do other types of buildings and projects?
Not yet. The current offer is to build our products on your plot or land. We have exciting developments and estates now also under construction, but these will only be offered to the general market when fully built homes are ready.
Yes. We do all types of residential buildings from single family detached and attached, townhouses and apartment blocks. We also do mini and micro estates and some types of commercial buildings such as mini shopping complexes and small office blocks.
3. Is the IKAL shown prefab?
No, it is a traditional block and mortar construction. It looks that way because of the innovative foundation (cantilevered pedestal), pre-manufactured elements, rectilinear design and highly resolved details. It is designed to be built precisely.
10. Does KURAMO cater to overseas customers?  
Yes. We have contact numbers below for overseas enquiries through our UK and US offices. We can build for overseas customers in Lagos and later when our developments become available, they can also buy.
4. Where is KURAMO building?
We are currently operating in Lagos and Ogun State, but for larger projects, will consider other parts of the country. Our focus is Lekki and Lagos-Ibadan-Mowe-Ofada-Redeem axis. We also have various urban projects dotted around Lagos. We have a special luxury program for Northern Foreshores, Chevron Drive Axis and the new premium estates coming up in these areas. Contact us for more details.
11. Can I still buy KURAMO DOORS?  
Yes. KURAMO DOORS are still being produced alongside a whole range of products such as wardrobes, kitchens, flooring, cabinets and furniture at very competitive prices.
12. Does KURAMO have a plan to build in ABUJA?
5. How long does it take to build?
Yes. We will introduce our ABUJA program sometime in 2013. We will also expand our coverage to other parts of Nigeria thereafter.



13. How can I be sure that the advertised KURAMO QUALITY will consistently be maintained?
Our record of maintaining the KURAMO QUALITY so far has been impeccable - it will be 20 years in 2013. We have devoted great effort and resources to maintaining our standards and our processes and philosophy ensure this. We know it is easy to start well, but our brand is all about maintaining and indeed improving our standards. We plan nothing less than a building quality revolution in the Nigerian. Watch this space !
These time lines refer to the standard products and are a general guide. Custom designs generally require a longer build time depending on the nature and complexity of the project. Actual construction time will depend on the site conditions, soil types, final specification and payment terms.