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KURAMO INDUSTRIES is a privately owned Nigerian company engaged in projects, manufacturing and engineering. Headquartered in Isolo, our Projects Division, KHP - KURAMO Homes & Projects now specialises in the end-to-end integrated delivery of turn-key homes and projects.

KURAMO Homes & Projects has grown out of KURAMO Furniture and Joinery, which started out in 1993 as a furniture and joinery manufacturing division. It quickly established a reputation for consistent and uncompromising quality and indeed became the number one brand, with over 2000 projects completed.

We quickly realised that what our customers really wanted was not beautiful doors but beautiful homes. We set about putting in place an end-to-end solution and in 2002 completed the first of our test projects, a turn-key home in Victoria Island. We immediately set a new standard of build quality, and the decision to move from Doors to Homes was made.

We have since invested backwards and now operate an integrated state-of-the-art facility in Lagos dedicated to the delivery of world-class turn-key homes and projects. This facility is staffed with architects, designers, engineers, technologists, construction and manufacturing specialists with a passion for ‘making things and building stuff’.


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Even the foundations are accurate to +/- 2mm
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Headquarters Isolo, Lagos